The Regional Unit of Fokida is in the middle of Central Greece and covers the area from the shores of the Corinthian Gulf to Giona and Vardousia Mountains. It is one of the most mountainous and sparsely populated regions of Greece. The landscape is unique, as the coastal plains are just a few kilometers from some of the highest mountains of the country, Giona, Parnassos, Vardousia and Iti. In the mountains, at an altitude of 550 m., lies the artificial lake of Mornos which is harmoniously integrated into the environment, reflecting the summits of the surrounding mountains onto its waters. In the coastal Fokida you will find several fishing villages and picturesque towns, while in the mountains you will see the traditional stone villages, often surrounded by dense forests. There are many attractions in the area, such as bridges, Byzantine churches and archaeological sites. The sacred city of Delphi stands out, of course.

In the past Fokida was divided into two provinces, which no longer exist as administrative units: the Parnassida with Amfissa as its capital and Doris with Lidoriki as its capital. Today the largest commercial and administrative center of the prefecture is Amfissa, while other important towns are Itea, Delphi, Desfina and Galaxidi. The local economy is based on the cultivation of olive trees (the olive groves of Amfissa is probably the largest in Greece), bauxite mining, tourism, honey production, pisciculture, livestock, poultry farming and fishing.